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Services and Programming

Custom Software Development

Data Specialists, the parent company of DV Surveillance, specializes in the development of affordable, high-quality software for businesses.

Our management team has many years of industrial and commercial development experience. Our first objective is to understand your business needs as well as the requirements of the software.

"Our Mission is simple: To deliver
   the exact requirement on time
      and within budget."

Services and programming

Data Specialists is highly focused on the delivery of quality, enterprise level solutions, on time and within budget. In order to achieve this we have a clearly defined path to success in all our projects. This path is as follows:

  • A full, frank and Documented Discussion about the nature and scope of the project.
  • The production of a Requirements Specification outlining "What" are the key requirements of the system or solution.
  • The production of a Detailed Design, outlining "How" the system will achieve the goals of the Requirements Specification. These include all screen designs and address any "unique concepts" including all the elements of the project.
  • The Code Production phase, where the modules identified in the Detailed Design is built. This is normally an iterative process where the client is heavily involved at all stages so that feedback may be taken on board.
  • Pre-release Test and Debug, including feedback and review with our customer (and possibly a test on the customer site).
  • Customer/User Acceptance Testing.
  • Post User Acceptance Review and feedback / changes.
  • System Implementation.
  • System Training & Follow-up.
  • Product Launch.
  • System Support and Maintenance.

To learn more contact us at 763-541-0440 to talk about your software needs.

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