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Single-Site Installation

Illustration of IP Solution

The IP Solution

DV Surveillance's IP camera technology is the latest in video surveillance. IP Network cameras combined with our NVR (Network Video Recorder) can use your existing network infrastructure to comprise a complete surveillance solution.

What makes the IP Solution superior to a DVR (Digital Video Recorder) solution?   For starters:

Picure of IP Camera
Picure of IP Camera
Picure of IP Camera
Picure of IP Camera

An IP surveillance network can grow from one camera to thousands, in increments of one camera. Need to increase your storage capacity? Just hook up an additional off-the-shelf hard drive - no need to contact your DVR vendor or purchase an additional DVR box!

 Higher quality image

With analog cameras, you're limited to about 0.4 megapixels. Our new MegaPixel cameras feature over 1.3 megapixels - a quality you'll never get with analog cameras!

 Intelligence at the camera level

IP cameras can process video independently of the recording computer. They can perform motion detection and feature intelligent processes called video analytics. This is an emerging technology which involves cameras being able to detect certain events, such as objects left behind, missing objects, and more. The ability of the cameras to perform motion detection and video analytics on their own frees up any central device from being burdened with the processing, which could otherwise quickly become a limiting factor. (Video Analytics requires custom software depending on your requirement.)

 Remote accessibility

View live or recorded video of your site from anywhere in the world with Internet access! Control your Pan-Tilt-Zoom cameras from your office or home. Even activate the alarm or turn on a light at your business from anywhere through our IP Solution.

 Use your existing analog cameras

No need to toss out your current analog cameras - they can be integrated into an IP Solution. Using one or more video encoders (video servers), the analog signal from your cameras is converted to digital video and processed and stored along with other digital video streams.

 Lower cabling cost

Have you already invested in network cabling for your building? Get more value out of it and save money on your surveillance system with the IP Solution. Instead of laying new coaxial cable, use your existing network cable. Does your situation make wiring unfeasible? With IP cameras, you can also transmit video wirelessly!

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