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Key advantages of an IP Network System

Decentralized Installation For a multi-site surveillance solution, each site can record its own video, and the video can also be recorded at a different site or the control room.

Centralized Management Record from and control several different sites - from anywhere with internet access!

1 Channel Based Expansion No need to buy a new DVR box when you need 17 cameras instead of 16.

64 Channel Management Based Server With our DVS NVR software, manage and record up to 64 cameras at once.

MegaPixel The newest, highest quality surveillance cameras, and they're always digital. Analog cameras are limited to 0.4 megapixels. Our new ACM-5611 camera features 1.3 megapixels!

Video Intelligence Also known as Video Analytics, select IP Network cameras have the ability to analyze video and detect motion, left-behind objects, and more. The cameras' ability to do this removes the processing requirement from the PC, freeing up valuable PC resources.

Wireless To cost-effectively transmit surveillance video wirelessly, a digital video stream is required, which IP Network cameras produce! Analog cameras would require an intermediate video server.

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